Peace of Mind

Construction projects are complex and regulated. Thorough planning from seasoned experts ensures a smooth process from beginning to end. Coordination of all equipment suppliers, logistics and budgets is key in maintaining predictable outcomes. As our name implies, Seamless Care brings the expertise needed to organize a smooth and worry-free project from beginning to end

No Loose Ends

At Seamless Care, we provide complete medical equipment planning services, including in-house BIM modeling capabilities for early resolution of equipment dimensions and potential space conflicts, equipment validation with construction documents to verify space, MEP and structural requirements, budget confirmation and validation of vendor input and quotations, coordination of medical equipment project partner roles and responsibilities, project specific equipment submittals for coordination and user approval, and structural mounting coordination, aligning manufacturer requirements with engineering recommendations. 

You can count on Seamless Care to insure your project runs smoothly with no worrisome “unknown’s.” We are experts in project planning and are committed to leaving no loose ends.

  • Complete planning services and In-house BIM modeling
  • Equipment validation and budget confirmations
  • Equipment submittals and coordination of partner roles

The Seamless Advantage

Project Planning

Medical construction projects are complex and regulated. Assumptions about who is responsible for what can lead to loose ends and incomplete or incorrect installations. As our name implies, Seamless Care brings the expertise needed to organize a smooth and worry free project from beginning to final installation (more).


Procurring medical equipment and fixtures can be daunting. Which manufacturers should be considered and what do things cost? Are their special handling requirements? What about storage and delivery to the job site at just the right time? Is the procurement vendor sufficiently bonded? Seamless Care experts ensure all procurement issues are covered (more).


Medical equipment and fixtures may require skilled labor to install properly. The Seamless Care labor force is specialized for just this purpose. With years of experience and hundreds of installations, you can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that the best installers are on your project. Our experts are not subcontracted, but work only for us (more)

Why Choose Seamless Care

  • World class knowledge of the latest equipment and fixtures.
  • Fully bonded and insured for large projects.

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